Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Flying Tigers in Iraq

Sunrise in Tikrit


A little about the unit I am serving with. It's the 8-229th Aviation Regt, the Flying Tigers, no less. Great bunch of people.

The focus of so much of the modern literature of warfare is on the machinery of war. In this case, that would be the AH-64A Apache attack helicopter. All kinds of stats in JANES, if you need to know things like altitude, max. range, etc. Suffice it say, though, it is an awesome bit of flying firepower. More than a dozen Hellfire missiles can be launched from a single helicopter, for instance.

But, the weapon systems aside, it's really about the people.

Doesn't really matter if you're talking about an attack helicopter battalion or working at Walmart, you end up working with people.

So, rather than give you the facts about the Apache, I'm going to focus on the people here, instead.

More later. Take care.

Gary W Pearson