Friday, June 03, 2005

Salam Alakeum - Peace be with you!

Someday, Iraq, believe it or not, will make a heck of a great tourist spot. The climate is a lot like Arizona. The historical sites around here are incredible. The Iraqis I have met are fairly friendly, especially considering I usually am carrying an M16 automatic rifle and an M9 semiautomatic pistol when they greet me. They smile and wave. Funny.

They’re greeting is “Salam Alakeum”, “Peace be with you”.

When the war settles down, by which I mean when the freaks sending car bombs into Iraq to kill innocent Iraqis finally either quit or are all killed, and the economy here starts going again, and these people FINALLY get a chance to feel their freedoms, well, this place is going to take off, Brother. That’s for sure.

I guess that’s what so many of Iraq’s non-democratic neighbors are worried about.

That a Free Iraq will be a free, strong, and very, very rich.

Me, I say, "Good for them!"