Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Death of Jihad in Sudan

Al-Bashir, the man that brought Jihad to Sudan, today signed a peace accord with John Garang, the Christian rebel leader, in Sudan. The peace treaty between the Islamic central government and the Christian rebel south calls for freedom of religion, abolishes the law that requires the President of Sudan to be a Muslim, and calls for elections.

The peace treaty is designed to put an end to a senseless religious war, a religious war egged on since the ‘90s by the likes of Osama Bin Laden, a war that has resulted in the death of two million, mostly Christian, Sudanese. The type of jihad waged by the Islamists in Sudan was particularly brutal, one in which food and famine were used as weapons.

All in the name of God.

Hopefully, the peace treaty puts a solid nail in the coffin of jihad, that murderous madness that masquerades as religion, in Sudan.

Sudan has decided to step out of the Dark Ages of religious warfare and into the bright sunshine of democracy and human rights.

We wish them well.