Monday, May 30, 2005

Zarqawi - Retard or Moron?

I’ve been reading a little from Zarqawi. According to his own words, he pretty much has decided that 80% of the Iraqi population is anti-Iraqi. Considers the Kurds and the Shia’ worse than the Americans.

Maybe he had trouble with math as a kid at the madrassa, but 80% is more than half. That's a sizable majority.

And, his tactics reflect it. Running car bombs into crowds of civilians at market places and Shia’ mosques. Unbelievable bloodshed, with 700 civilian deaths this month alone from car bombs and such. He threatened those who wanted to vote in the elections this past January with death. Again, blood thirsty tactics. People who express their desires in an election are anti-Islamic, according to the kook.

Hardly the tactics of a revolutionary. Clearly, those providing the outside money funding Zarqawi care little for the people who live in this country. Those outside of Iraq have their own agendas, and the people here are just so many pawns to push across the board.

Or, blow to smithereens.

And, it turns out most of the support for the so called insurgency inside Iraq comes from the Sunni population. Read "the guys who backed Saddam". Yeah, them. The folks who helped kill some 300,000 Shia' and Kurds in the '80s and '90s.

If you read either Al Jazeera or the New York Times, you’ll read about the Sunni’s fear of a backlash from the Shia’ against the Sunni insurgent leadership.

The same folks that backed Saddam’s purges and slaughter for thirty years are now worried that some of the relatives of those purged might be looking for revenge.

You think?