Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Madness of Al Qaeda

QUESTION: Are the people running Al Qaeda truly mad?

In general, when does religion become madness?

In the extreme, it’s easy to spot. When “Son of Sam” tells the world that his neighbor’s dog told him the people he killed were the Anti-Christ, well, it’s pretty easy to label this as pure madness.

Or, in the case of any number of people Israelis doctors pick up on the streets of Jerusalem each week, people who believe they are either the Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ, depending on the individual’s gender, most of us are fairly confident these folks are off their respective knoodles in a most serious way.

Now we turn to a more still troubling example, the suicide car bombers that plague Iraq.

First, a few facts that may or may not be generally known to the public. Not because the information is secret, but because the media can’t help but focus on the blood and the flames and the pain, and less on the details of how the killings are planned and carried out. It’s only natural to stand and stare at such a horrible act, dumbfounded.

Fact number one: by far the largest percentage of people killed and wounded by the car bombers are Iraqis, not US service men or women. Hard to tell why such a brutal act could be considered part of an insurgency against US occupation if the very target of these attacks is most often Iraqi civilians. And, I mean by the hundreds. These are not isolated misfires of the car bombs resulting in the accidental wounding and killing of innocent bystanders. This is the cold blood execution of Iraqi men, women and children. The very ones Al Qaeda claims to be defending.

Fact number two: a large majority of those driving the car bombs aren’t even Iraqi. They come to Iraq, often across the Syrian border, from Yemen, Jordan, Libya, and yes, of course, Saudi Arabia. So, it’s not a case of Iraqi nationalism that drives these young men to drive into a crowd of Iraqi civilians and turn themselves and those innocent people around them into scattered piles of burning human flesh.

Fact number three: Though some of the car bomb drivers may be killed against their own wills just like the Iraqi civilians around them, many other of the vehicles used in car bomb attacks have the detonation button right next to the steering wheel. Yes, some of the car bombs themselves are remotely detonated. Suggesting that many of the car bomb drivers probably don’t even know they are about to commit “suicide”. And, yes, like the Japanese kamikazes of WWII who were locked into their cockpits flying aircraft in which the wheels could retract on take off but not come back down, there is amble evidence that backing out is made very difficult by the car bomb designs. We have even found feet of car bomb drivers strapped to the vehicle’s accelerator. If the young man changes his mind, fleeing will only set off the bomb anyway. Nonetheless, the button next to the steering wheel says loud and clear that many of these people, without argument, know what they are about to do. The martyr brigades are real. This is undeniable.

Fact number four: The largest portion of the car bomb drivers are trained, funded, and directed by Al Qaeda. Zarqawi has declared to the whole world that he works for Osama Bin Landen. It’s less of a secret and more of a boast.

And so, the questions: Who are committing these killings?

They are Al Qaeda operatives killing innocent people here, just as they did in New York and Washington a few short years ago. When you see those dead Iraqis in Baqubah, Baghdad, or Tikrit on the evening news, you should know the same people who planned the mass murders that happen daily in Iraq are the same people that planned to kill as many Americans as they possibly could on 9-11. Al Qaeda each time.

Why do they kill?

Religion, according to their own words. It is to bring about a more religious world that they kill so many. Though they may not share the same believes, it is the same basic motivation that led Son of Sam in his killings in New York that leads these people to kill in America, Iraq, Pakistan, Spain, or Indonesia.

Why do they kill so many Iraqis, who are also Muslims?

Again, according to their own words, because many of the killers are Sunni, while the majority of those killed are Shia. Differences, at least to the madmen running Al Qaeda, large enough to spill blood for. Gallons and gallons of it.

Are thy truly mad, or is their madness, like that of Hamlet, a cover for something else?

It is noticeable that neither Zarqawi nor Osama have offered up the scent of their own spilt blood as “the perfume of martyrdom.” In each and every case, though their words are of absolute faith that paradise is the result of suicide and murder, it seems more convenient that others prove their point.

Suggesting, then, that their actions are not at all based on religion. Instead, one might assume there are more earthly rationales for their doings.

Like power, or money, or fame. There is, after all, a lot of cash pumping out of the Iraqi ground every day.

Iraqi Ink, that is,
Kuwaiti Koolaide,
Saudi Suds.

And who ever controls Iraq, when all is said and done?

Well, the first thing you know,
Old Zaraqwi’s a billionaire!

No, the brand of blood thirsty religion that they preach is no more than an evil con game that they use to induce others to die and kill so that those cheering on the young men to die may accrue the riches of the earth.

Which means, the folks running Al Qaeda aren’t mad at all.

Not in the least.