Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Soldier's Letter Back Home

Yo Brother!

Sounds pretty good, you getting married and all. Much happiness and joy to you and your bride.

Still enjoying my crazy "vacation" out here at the-beach-that-has-no-shore.

Hard to sum it up in words. It's not like The Longest Day or Bridge Too Far and those other war movies. And, nothing like Full Metal Jacket ("Get Some, Get Some!")

Pilots here throw toys out of the helicopters to the kids. The kids here chase helicopters, waving their hands in the air, running as fast as their little bare feet can carry them. It's hilarious.

I heard one soccer ball fell down and hit a chicken in somebody's backyard. Sent feathers everywhere. Guess they had chicken stew for dinner that night at that house.

Hours and hours of tedium with seconds of pure terror. Okay, maybe not so pure terror. Actually, the last several times we took rounds around here, people pretty much went on with business as usual.

I know that sounds weird. Don't know whether to call it bravery under fire, or just getting used to another situation.

Anyway, thought you'd enjoy hearing about my "vacation".

take care, bro.