Friday, August 05, 2005

Send Home All the Lawyers

If we’re not damn careful, US history could well repeat itself in Iraq.

Some people equate the current war in Iraq with the war in Viet Nam and our current President Bush with former President Nixon.

They’ve got it all wrong.

A much better comparison is the current war in Iraq with the previous war in Iraq and our current President Bush with former President Bush.

When you think about it, the similarities are glaring.

In both cases, a President named George Bush led a mostly American military to a smashing victory over Saddam’s Iraq with the complete annihilation of the Iraqi Army in a matter of days.

Followed by the State Department rushing in to turn a complete victory into something quite a bit less.

In the earlier case, the State Department warned former President Bush that by removing the Sunnis completely from power and letting the Shia’ and Kurds take control in Iraq, the nation of Iraq would be split into three, with the mostly Shia’ South becoming a pro-Iranian State, and an independent Kurdistan enraging Turkey, one of our long-time allies.

Today, the State Department is twisting the arms of the Shia’/Kurdish government to allow Sunnis in, otherwise, they’ve warned President Bush, Iraq may split into three, with the mostly Shia’ South becoming a pro-Iranian State, and an independent Kurdistan enraging Turkey, one of our long-time allies.

Personally, I can’t believe those people in the State Department have any credibility whatsoever with the current President. How he can restrain himself from kicking them squarely in the seat of their well-pressed pants, I’ll never know. In the ‘90s, they turned a complete victory over Saddam in to a horrible disaster that ended in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Shia’ and Kurds who truly thought we came there to end the tyranny of Saddam. And, they helped the former President George Bush loose an election to good ol’ President Bill Clinton. Who knows what kind of slimy geek will replace the current George Bush if he continues to listen to the same kinds of folks his Dad did.

I am just a simple soldier, one of many fighting this war in Iraq. My hope is that while we are putting our lives on the line each and everyday here in Iraq, we don't get set up for failure by well meaning but unrealistic American officials back home.

Let us fight the war.

How about Turkey, after killing so many Kurds within their own borders and doing next to nothing to get rid of Saddam, has nothing to say about Kurdistan? They said the same thing about an independent Armenia, after killing over a million. Turkey is the last country to have a voice in any future Kurdistan, were that to occur.

How about the Sunnis, who make up only 20% of the population of Iraq, after supporting Saddam in his thirty-something years of murderous rule and boycotting the election, sit down and shut up and let the 80% that won the election run Iraq for a while?

How about we put Saddam in front of a firing squad, today?

How about instead of negotiating with Al Qa’ida and pro-Saddam thugs and terrorists, we kill or imprison each and everyone of them?

How about we re-write those Rules Of Engagement to allow our troops to fire warning shots?

To NOT allow every Iraq household their own Kalashnikov?

How about we throw the “detainees” found digging holes for IEDs on the side of the road, or with explosives in their homes and back yards, or anyone caught carrying a weapon not in a uniform we recognize as one belonging to an allied Army in a prison camp till the end of the war, instead of for 3 days?

How about we enforce the curfews in Iraqi cities and along Iraqi highways with a “violators will be shot on sight” rule?

How about we apply the same rule to smugglers coming across the Iraqi border?

How about we send the lawyers in the US military and State Department who are better at winning debates than winning wars home, now, without delay?

If this Global War on Terror is war worth fighting, then it’s a war worth winning.

How about we treat this war like a serious war, fight it, and win it?