Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mr. President – Meet with Cindy Crawford

I know, CNN, Jane Fonda, and Michael Moore want you to meet with that other Cindy.

Trust me, the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq would much rather watch an interview with you talking to Cindy Crawford.

A survey of soldiers in the 8-229 Flying Tigers I conducted resulted in 100% of the respondents favoring the Cindy Crawford interview. Though, I'm not suggesting the poll should sway your decision, Sir.

The other Cindy is rather old, fat and frumpy. Not what your soldiers want to see at all.

We all love our Moms. But even we get tired of their endless nagging.

We certainly don’t think watching you interviewing another emotional Mom is going to do a damn thing for our morale. Heck, many of us are here to escape that kind of nagging.

Whereas, a photo-op of you talking with Cindy Crawford, maybe by the pool, or playing volley ball. Now, that’s the kind of interview we’d like to see more of.

Just a thought, Mr. President.